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Europe´s Aging Nuclear Reactor Fleet

How to deal with Safety Concerns and Risks?

Many European states are in the process of extending the lifetime of the nuclear power plants beyond their originally planned operating lifetime. Those lifetime extensions are affecting the so-called Generation II reactors, whose technical design originates in the 70, the most. The safety concerns of operating plants is becoming increasingly relevant, due to the ongoing aging process. What are the implications for current and future safety risks?
What could be on a European level an appropriate reaction?

The 8th Viennese Nuclear Symposium aims to give an overview over the current situation and is discussing current and future problems based on relevant examples.

An additional topic is the almost forgotten accident in the Slovakian nuclear power plant Bohunice, which happened 40 years ago in 1977.



Time and Place

Friday September 15th 10:00 to approximately 15:00

Main Building of the University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna

Kleiner Hörsaal „Tiefparterre“ (Lageplan)